In these politically hyper-charged days, can we even call a man a man or a woman a woman anymore? I remember the days when at the culmination of any wedding ceremony the pastor, minister or wedding official declared: “With the power vested in me I declare you husband and wife…. ” Today it can also be husband and husband, wife and wife, and soon, who knows, it may just be person and person. (Interesting fact, recently in North Carolina teachers were told they can’t call students “boys and girls” and instead were asked to refer to the youngsters as “students and scholars”.

But don’t be overly discouraged. Recently I’ve read a very encouraging statistic about home ownership and the percentages of the people buying homes. And there is hope.

Of course as it always has been and continues to be the largest group of people buying homes are married couples. It make sense of course. Married people are the base of a family unit, having children and creating an environment where traditional family values will flourish. This group represents about 54% of the buying population, no surprises. The surprise comes when you’ll learn who is in second place.

Single women!

Single women are the next group representing about 18% of home buyers ahead of unmarried couples and single men.

The statistic did not mention the single woman as a single buyer, a single person, a single human, a single individual or even a single creature, but a single woman! It spells it out; woman!

The hell with political correctness; she is woman, hear her roar!

In the same report the writer acknowledges that millennial women clearly beat millennial men in college enrollment 45% to 38%, millennial women with bachelor’s degree beat millennial men with the same degree 38% to 31%

So, in the battle of the sexes… I think women are the clear winners.

Sorry guys.

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