Okay, we live in Hollywood and everyone’s a film critic. Including me. SO, I would to write a few words about the movie that just hit the theaters “San Andreas”. Many of you know that I’m a “young” (ha-ha-ha…) father again with two little creatures (one 3 years old and the other 4 months old) to take care of, which leaves me no time at all to go to the movies. In fact I have not been to the movies over the past 3 years, but this was a movie I had to see for obvious reasons. I design structures for earthquakes and I wanted to see what will happen to my buildings when the dreaded San Andreas hits.


I assume everybody has seen in the news of the tragic accident that happened in Berkeley, where a balcony of an apartment building broke and fell to the ground killing six people. Indescribable tragedy, which I’m sure will be followed by lawsuits. But who is really to blame?


Do you remember the “Good Old Days…? Younger professionals may have no idea what I’m talking about. The design professional, for example the architect or engineer made his or her drawings on vellum, mostly with pencil and then came that awful stinky smelling process – because ammonia was used – the so called “Blue printing” when copies were made for plan check, construction or for the owner to keep. (At least the strong smell of ammonia kept the people in the office awake…) So far so good.


Nobody can deny that new technologies are the future. No, actually more like the present. It is really hard to stop the fast changing world, where new things, mostly in the digital world are changing our lives and unknowingly other things as well. What I’m getting at: the internet is changing everything.


Do you remember the opinion splitting article I wrote on “Earthquakes and Fracking” or “What the frack?”. In that piece I humbly had the opinion, that although many environmentalists use fracking as an evil method, that creates earthquakes, therefore it should be banned, the truth is that earthquakes happen so deep underground, that fracking has nothing to do with it. Particularly I used the La Cienega oil field as an example since I live so close to it in Culver City. Long and behold, there were a couple of earthquakes, albeit relatively small, on April 12 exactly under this oil field.