Project Portfolio

Apartment and condo buildings

The structural design of multi-unit buildings like apartment and condominium complexes create challenges for the design team in many ways; the sheer size of many projects requires constant coordination of details while the entire design may go through several cycles of changes. Our office has been involved in the design of multi-unit projects – both Type V and reinforced concrete – as large as several hundred units and our team of engineers and drafters delivered solid performance and dependable results throughout these projects. | View projects

Commercial and office buildings

Commercial projects differ from residential projects in many aspects; the design and the spaces to dreamt up by the architect require more specialized skills and sometimes creative solutions from the structural engineers. | View projects


Single family homes

Where our office stands out in the design of single family homes is the immense number of houses we have designed in the past nearly forty years. We have worked with an (almost) endless list of architects on projects scattered everywhere in the Los Angeles area. Whether Type V (wood), steel or concrete, on a hillside with pile foundations, in a canyon or on flat terrain, one story or many, your project will benefit from the vast experience we possess in designing residential projects. | View projects

Seismic retrofit projects

After repeated earthquakes in California and around the world, several lessons have been learned and, therefore, design codes have been modified in order to improve the building performance during a major earthquake. The resulting benefit is the reduction of lost life and property. Most buildings constructed prior to the 1960’s lack an adequate system that can resist a major earthquake. There are several techniques of retrofit and upgrade that can significantly enhance the performance of an existing building during a major earthquake event. | View projects

Other projects

Various other projects, landscaping, non-profit, educational institutions, etc. | View projects