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The structural design of multi-unit buildings like apartment and condominium complexes create challenges for the design team in many ways; the sheer size of many projects requires constant coordination of details while the entire design may go through several cycles of changes. Our office has been involved in the design of multi-unit projects - both Type V and reinforced concrete - as large as several hundred units and our team of engineers and drafters delivered solid performance and dependable results throughout these projects.

10 unit mixed use condo building over a 2-story concrete subterranean garage.  This modern building sitting right on the Venice Beach waterfront features full ocean views – facilitated by the extensive use of steel frames in the structural design.
30,000 square foot, 50 plus unit, with 2 story Type-V structure over concrete subterranean garage, a family center facility that incorporates diverse child service programs for the region
300 unit low income housing project, with 3 story Type-V structure over concrete subterranean garage
Seismic rehabilitation of an existing 5-story unreinforced brick building with new architectural floor layout for apartment occupation. During the project we had to overcome technical difficulties to change the existing lateral system and foundation without changing the historical features of the building.
110 unit, low density, residential complex for active seniors. Provide on grade parking for 55 automobiles. The residential wing is two stories high, with recesses and porches that help to integrate it to the existing residential context.
54 unit apartment complex with 2 story subterranean garage in Downtown Los Angeles.

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