Office and retail

Commercial projects differ from residential projects in many aspects; the design and the spaces to dreamt up by the architect require more specialized skills and sometimes creative solutions from the structural engineers.

New buildings

This building is an architectural marvel of steel, glass, concrete and masonry in the center of Santa Monica. The building has a total of four floors over a two story concrete subterranean garage with two story interior floors with partial mezzanines. The City approval presented a major challenge for the design team as Santa Monica has very strict regulations.
Five story, steel frame, mixed use building over concrete subterranean garage. Innovative set back design for the upper floors.
Structural peer review of the major remodel and addition to the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City. The project consists of several steel buildings with several levels of above and under ground parking.
Structural peer review of the new Symantec headquarter that includes 3 reinforced concrete multi-story buildings with two or more subterranian garages.
4 story steel structure for new building offering office and commercial space. The building also has a concrete subterranean garage.
Two-story commercial addition and remodel in Brentwood to incorporate existing but non-conforming steel frames into the new design.


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