Seismic retrofit of commercial buildings

After repeated earthquakes in California and around the world, several lessons have been learned and, therefore, design codes have been modified in order to improve the building performance during a major earthquake. The resulting benefit is the reduction of lost life and property. Most buildings constructed prior to the 1960’s lack an adequate system that can resist a major earthquake. There are several techniques of retrofit and upgrade that can significantly enhance the performance of an existing building during a major earthquake event.

Seismic retrofit and major alteration of an existing 2 story reinforced concrete building originally built in 1929. New RC shear walls and collectors per the current code are added to the building. Nonconvetional techniques are used in design and detailing to overcome the existing convetional very deep foundation and existing floor beam/purlin system.
Seismic retrofit of multiple concrete block wall and wooden roof industrial buildings
as part of the mandatory earthquake upgrade program in the City of Burbank.
Seismic retrofit of unreinforced masonry church building.
Seismic retrofit of unreinforced masonry church building.

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