Singe family homes

Where our office stands out in the design of single family homes is the immense number of houses we have designed in the past nearly forty years. We have worked with an (almost) endless list of architects on projects scattered everywhere in the Los Angeles area. Whether Type V (wood), steel or concrete, on a hillside with pile foundations, in a canyon or on flat terrain, one story or many, your project will benefit from the vast experience we possess in designing residential projects.

25,000 sq.ft. mansion for media celebrity person
New hillside home in Pacific Palisades with piles, grade beams and retaining walls.
Major remodel and second story addition to hillside home in Pacific Palisades with the use of piles and grade beams. Open vaulted ceiling was used for this project for a homeowner with very exclusive taste.
Complete redo of an existing single family dwelling in Pacific Palisades. Large exposed floor and roof beams providing sweeping views and large interior spaces.
Major addition and remodel to an existing 2 bedroom house turned into a 6 bedroom 4 bathroom building with guesthouse, large open deck and ocean view. Building is currently used as a sober (half way) house. In this project we had to achieve large, well lighted open spaces suitable for groups by innovative roof design and volume ceiling.
Second story addition to single family home in Culver City
Brand new construction of 2-story single family home in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. The use of long-span beams allowed for large interior openings.
In this project we designed the major addition and remodel of a single family home in Beverly Hills. A sloping backyard and the need for retaining walls made the project more complex. At the owner’s request we tried to minimize construction cost by reusing existing framing and foundation to the maximum extent possible.
3 story hillside building on piles and grade beams, accessory building, retaining walls for a very detail oriented architect-owner.
Residential addition in Brentwood

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