Structural Engineering Services

Structural design

Our structural design is centered around one main goal: create structures that are safe and perform well under normal circumstances as well as during a major seismic event. This is why we study, follow and incorporate into our work the latest building codes be it a project that involves Type V (wood), steel or concrete structures. Our engineering team is qualified and experience to design the following structure types:

Steel structures

These projects require an SE (Structural Engineer) license and project management skills to handle the complexity of such a project. Designing these structures often takes an extended amount of time and review by project supervisors on a regular basis.

Multi-story and multi-use buildings

Close cooperation between the architect and the engineer is key to successfully design these types of buildings. The functionality of these buildings often requires the application of creative or unusual designs.

Commercial buildings

With financial considerations and commercial application being the primary focus for these projects expedited turnaround time and the flexibility to adopt changes throughout the project are essential goals in projects of commercial nature.

Multi-unit residential buildings (condo and apartment buildings)

Multi unit buildings are always speculative in nature, not owner occupied, so financial considerations are the most important decision factors. Minimizing steel frames, economical concrete deck design with minimal steel rebars and concrete can help keep construction costs under control.

Single family homes

Single family homes are owner occupied, requiring creative design often with out of the ordinary  ideas that lead to more complexity in engineering, including hillside construction with piles, grade beams, steel frames.

Other structures: retaining walls, decks and gazebos, advertising signs, solar panels, landscaping structures

These structures are always unique in design with individual requirements mostly involving existing conditions. Adopting a creative solution always saves money with these projects.

Seismic Retrofit / Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings

After repeated earthquakes in California and around the world, several lessons have been learned and, therefore, design codes have been modified in order to improve the building performance during a major earthquake. The resulting benefit is the reduction of lost life and property. Most buildings constructed prior to the 1960’s lack an adequate system that can resist a major earthquake. Current codes mandate that some types of buildings, such as Unreinforced Masonry (URM) wall structures, be seismically retrofitted regardless of their current condition or use. | Read more…

Soft story retrofit

Soft-story (or tuck-under parking) is a construction method seen mostly in multi-story apartment buildings where the first floor is used for parking space and the upper floors are supported by thin columns. Buildings with soft story condition lack the resistance needed against the horizontal shaking imposed by an earthquake and can easily collapse when a quake hits – a lesson learnt the hard way in the 1994 Northridge quake. The structural weakness of a soft-story condition can be mitigated by retrofitting; the addition of structural elements (usually shear walls and/or steel frames) that make the building stronger.

Structural inspection & site visit

Structural inspection focuses on the structural integrity of your property and examines existing or potential problems. Our licensed engineer visits the site and visually inspects areas of your property. They look for signs of structural deficiencies that may cause problems with the integrity of the building. Our engineers provide on site consultation and will write you a report of their findings and recommended solutions | Read more…

Building design & drafting

Residential remodel projects like additions and remodels often require building design drawings; plot plans, floor plans, elevations, section both for the as-built (existing) and the proposed layout. Our designers and drafters can prepare these drawings for you and work in coordination with the engineering team to turn your project around quickly and efficiently..

Permits & expediting

We’ll take care of the paperwork for you; our expeditors will submit the drawings to the Building and Safety department on your behalf and walk the paperwork through the building permit process.

Expert witness

Our engineers have been called in to provide expert opinion as professional engineers in numerous forensic and arbitration cases for both court and public hearings. Our principals’ expertise has developed from nearly forty years of field experience in the construction industry as licensed engineers. The thousands of wood, steel, concrete and masonry structures designed by our office to date lend us complex knowledge and experience, which we are able to utilize in a wide range of cases that require structural analysis. | Downloadable version (pdf, 394 kb)